SR250E – Automated Safety Racker

Safely rack stands of pipe and drill collars with the SR250E – Automated Safety Racker from Lee C. Moore. While this easy-to-install and operate system can be run manually, automated operations using floor sensors eliminate the chance for human error and the risks associated with having a person on or near the racking platform.

Our pipe racker system is engineered to rack stands of pipe and drill collars on each side of the racking platform and setback area. Each of its positions is specifically accounted for throughout the tripping sequence.

Features and benefits
  • Mechanically maneuvers pipe from the grasp of the top drive to its designated position in the racking board while tripping pipe
  • Going into the hole, the pipe racker retrieves the stand from the racking board and passes it to the top drive elevators
  • Designed for land, fixed-platform or jack-up drilling rigs
  • Adapts to any size racking board with field installation
  • Installed with the mast in the horizontal position
  • Driller and floor crew have total control of the system
  • Separate transport skid for easier rig-up and transportation

Learn more
Quotes are available on request. Contact us and let us know the sizes of your pipe and drill collars.

More information is also available in our online brochure.