Rig Rover® Pad Rig Moving Systems

Put an end to time-consuming and inefficient rig moves on the well site with a Rig Rover® walking system from Lee C. Moore. With lifting cylinders capable of raising an entire drilling structure 12 inches above the matting boards –  a Rig Rover can move as much as 25 feet in less than 15 minutes.

For maximum mobility, hydraulic skidding cylinders can move the structure about the x-axis, y-axis and pivot about its own axis. Once it reaches the new well pad location, the Rig Rover’s skidding pads can be used to level the drilling structure.

Features and benefits
  • Eliminates the need to disassemble the drilling structure during pad drilling
  • Individual control console or can be integrated into rig HPU
  • Reduces expenses and potential damage to structures
  • Directional pads can be turned manually or with hydraulic drive motors
  • Interchangeable goosenecks make the LCM Rig Rover compatible with other drilling structures
  • Can be mounted internally or externally of the sub-box
  • Steering posts lock into position to ensure all four corners of the drilling structure are moving in the same direction
  • Designed and manufactured to AISC specifications

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