Announcing The New BOP rocknroll™ Handling System

Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company, announced today it’s new patent pending, BOP rocknroll™ Handling System. This state-of-the-art system is designed to transport the BOP stack in the horizontal position, attach easily to the substructure, raise the BOP stack to a vertical position, and then walk the BOP stack to its position, at well center, all in a single operation. This system enables the operator to perform the task in minutes, from what used to take hours.

A BOP is a Blowout Preventer which is a specialized valve(s) to control oil and gas wells to prevent blowouts; this is a premium rig safety device.

The BOP rocknroll™ will reduce rig-up and rig-down time which adds savings to the bottom line of the drilling contractor. And, as an added bonus, the system is equipped to access substructure from the side thus not interfering with catwalk, front or rear entry complications.

  • The system is integrally mounted on a transport skid and includes the following:
  • Transport skid with rest saddles for supporting BOP stack in horizontal position during transport.
  • Integral mounted overhead trolley beams with parallel swing-up links.
  • Two (2) 30-ton power-driven trolley hoists (hoists remain mounted in trolley beams storage and transport).
  • Hydraulic cylinders for raising trolley beams to working height.

For further demonstration of the BOP rocknroll™ Handling System, click the link below to watch a short YouTube video.

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