Customized Two Day Formats

Build a safer and more knowledgeable workforce with a customized two-day seminar with Lee C. Moore experts. Conducted at a location of your choice, our Drilling Structure Design, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Seminar is geared toward entry- and intermediate-level personnel and appeals to engineers, superintendents, drillers and maintenance staff.

Seminar topics
  • Nomenclature
  • Design overview
  • Raising and lowering masts
  • Foundation, base planes, damaged members and upgrades
  • Low-temperature operations
  • Introduction to API RP 4G
  • Notes for inspections
  • Inspection of wire rope and sheaves
  • Bolted structures
  • Basic repair principles
  • Guidelines for welding
  • Properly “stacking rigs”

Dewayne Vogt, P.E., Lee C. Moore’s Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer, presents the design overview course, covering elementary engineering concepts before proceeding to more advanced topics. Steve Ellis, C.W.I., our Director of Field Services, covers the inspection, maintenance and repair topics.

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To schedule a seminar, contact us and let us know the preferred location 
and topics to emphasize. For more information please download our Training and Seminar spec sheet.