Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company, Announces Rig Rover® Pad Drilling Expansion Plans

DSCN0334_rev3TULSA, OK, November 2, 2013 – Today, drilling in the US requires improved and safer rig moving efficiency. The LCM-WCI Rig Rover® is the market preferred mast and substructure moving system for well-to-well, also known as pad, drilling activity. The Rig Rover® achieves moves of 25-Feet in less than 15-Minutes while moving in 0° and 90° directions to achieve full circle rotations. The Rig Rover® is also used for rig leveling which eliminates the need for adjustable mast shoes. Whether externally mounted or integrated in a substructure, the Rig Rover® is designed and built to provide a uniform lift of up to 1,300 tons and provides an efficient load path through the structure.

Tom Wingerter, Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company’s CEO says, “We see the pad drilling trend continuing far into the future. We are excited to watch our Rig Rover® Moving System lead the way in the industry and are ready to meet expected growth demands.”

For more information on the LCM-WCI Rig Rover® Moving System, contact our corporate office at +1 (918) 523-9191 or via e-mail at sales@lcm-wci.com.

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