Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company and Allrig Establish Partnership

Proudly we announce that we have completed the signing of Lee C. Moore’s partnership agreement with leading field services provider Allrig.

Enhanced drilling structure support
We believe that consolidation and collaboration are crucial to creating a stronger industry in the long term. Working together in smarter ways and challenging the status quo through innovation and partnership is what it’s all about.

The partnership with Allrig will further enhance our drilling structure service support. Tom Wingerter, CEO of LCM-WCI, explains: “Allrig’s capabilities as an in-region field services provider coupled with our 110-year rig structure and component engineering legacy mesh extremely well. We are very excited to formally shake hands with Allrig on this opportunity.”

Total service solution
Wingerter goes on to explain the added value of this partnership: “I’m happy to announce we have found a substantial worldwide company we believe can help us throughout the Middle East and in India. Allrig is a diverse team of oilfield inspection, repair and service teams who work both the onshore and offshore services arena. Allrig’s team in the Middle East and India will now be exclusive LCM-WCI agent in these areas. With a few exceptions from longstanding LCM-WCI customers, Allrig will be on the ground pushing our products and services in the Region.”

The Allrig team, led by Houston CEO Mark Hannigan, is aggressive, hardworking and share the same can-do attitude as we do. Our Senior Management team is excited to enter into this agreement allowing Allrig to represent LCM-WCI in the Middle East and India.”

Great opportunities
The oil & gas industry is dynamic and constantly in search of robust partnerships with key industry players. This new partnership offers great possibilities for both Allrig and Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company. Mark Hannigan, CEO of Allrig, explains: “Allrig is delighted to enter this partnership with Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company, which further enhances our drilling structures inspection and repair capability. By combining the OEM credentials, world class engineering and service experience of LCM-WCI with the responsiveness and competence of Allrig’s in-region service capability, we can now offer our clients the level of drilling structure support they need. As always, Allrig is focused on Keeping You On Day Rate and this agreement improves our ability to do just that.”

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