Lee C. Moore Issued US Patent for Dual Offset Derrick™

Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company, announced today the issuance to it by the US Patent Office of a patent which covers a new arrangement for its offshore oil derricks.

The patent is for the Company’s new Dual Offset Derrick™, a derrick and drill floor arrangement designed specifically for the jackup rig drilling market. “Our new Dual Offset Derrick™ working-floor design offers a much improved drilling operations visibility for offshore drilling cabins while increasing drill string setback weight distribution,” says Thomas Wingerter, CEO of Lee C. Moore. “The patent offers a much safer view of the rig floor area, which, statistically, is the location of most recordable personal injuries on a drilling rig. The new design also allows for additional extension of a jackup rig cantilevered over well centers.”

The patent covers the arrangement in Lee C. Moore’s offshore derricks where the well center is offset in both x- and y-axes about the centerline of a derrick. The setback area is larger compared to similar designs currently in the market and accommodates drill pipe, drill collars and casing simultaneously.

The unique floor arrangement allows for a more simplified pipe racking operation, improved visibility for the driller, and increased setback capacity. It maximizes load capabilities on cantilever beams and allows for unobtrusive stand-building operation. The offset well center and setback arrangement positions the center of gravity of the derrick for maximum drilling and setback load combinations near the center of a drill floor.

The arrangement provides improved load distribution to cantilever support beams, which maximizes loading capability. Further, stand-building operation is performed in an area clear of the primary racking operation. Working boards and access platform hinge down into position to allow for a manual racking option, saving time in the event of an automatic pipe racking system malfunction.

The Dual Offset Derrick™ offers time and weight savings in the form of optimum center of gravity, which enables an extended reach of cantilever beams over offshore platforms. The arrangement is safety enhanced: a driller has unobstructed visibility which allows for full awareness of all drilling activities in the derrick.