Lee C. Moore offers the most qualified engineers in the business

We know that different companies use different drilling methods, and in order to meet your specific needs we offer custom engineering services for specialized drilling equipment.


• New designs provided in 3D or CAD prints for easy interfacing with third-party equipment
• Design sharing throughout all phases of the project
• Flexible approach: Lee C. Moore’s engineering team can take the lead or work jointly with your project group


Operate with confidence and get the most from your equipment with a detailed study and analysis of your drilling structures by Lee C. Moore’s team of engineers. We will stand behind every work load capacity assessment and provide assistance during each phase of the process.

Features and Benefits
• Any make and model of drilling structure is eligible for analysis
• Analysis performed on-site
• Customers receive a complete assembly drawing packet
• Maximum static hook load determined by Lee C. Moore engineers
• Metallurgical test results
• Options to install drilling accessories to the structure

PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS (“PE” Certified & Licensed)

Put Lee C. Moore’s team of certified professional engineers to work to help choose the products and designs that will work best to meet your needs. This is a service you can count on for the long term – our engineering department will stand by our equipment and provide full support for the lifetime of the product.

Why choose Lee C. Moore engineers:
• Extensive oilfield engineering experience
• Documented knowledge of the company’s engineering history
• Full range of proven designs
• Total commitment to customer satisfaction

Contact us for more information: sales@lcm-wci.com or +1-918-523-9191.