Lee C. Moore Receives American Petroleum Institute Certifications

Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company, announces that it has received final audit approval and obtained both new and renewed American Petroleum Institute (API) certifications in quality management and manufacturing standards. These certifications position Lee C. Moore to continue providing its customers with high-quality drilling equipment.

The audit was performed at Lee C. Moore’s headquarters in Tulsa. API auditors verified Lee C. Moore’s conformance with quality management API Spec Q1, ISO:9001(2008) and TS 29001:2010. Further, Lee C. Moore renewed its manufacturing certifications in API 4F and API 8C.

“We are raising the quality bar,” says Thomas Wingerter, CEO of Lee C. Moore. “In addition to our long history as an approved API 4F and API 8C designer and fabricator, our Company has been awarded API Q1, ISO:9001 (2008) and TS 29001:2010 standards as an even higher level of quality assurance. The additional licensing further demonstrates our commitment to changing requirements from our world-wide customer base.”

API is the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry.

Global demands and an increasingly competitive business environment in the oil and natural gas services industry have created new measurements by which organizations must demonstrate their abilities. The API Monogram Program verifies that Lee C. Moore is operating in compliance with API 4F and API 8C specifications. By meeting the quality system requirements of API Spec Q1, Lee C. Moore proves to its customers it meets the industry’s demands to its fullest extent.

API certification is part of Lee C. Moore’s continued commitment to its customers in providing exceptional drilling structures and customer service.