Lee C. Moore, Secures New Orders for HMR SlotBox®

TULSA, OK, April 29, 2014 – Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company (LCM-WCI), announced today it has secured orders to fabricate ten (10) of its HMR SlotBox® land drilling rig structures. The order is part of twenty-nine (29) such structures sold to three (3) different North American drilling contractors since the design was finalized in 2011. The design has been approved for issuance by the US patent office.

Tom Wingerter, President and CEO of Lee C. Moore says, “The HMR SlotBox® land rig design has generated some very exciting opportunities for Lee C. Moore from land drilling entities based in the US and Canada.”

The HMR SlotBox® trademark references how certain key bottom components of the drilling mast fold into “slots” within the substructure for ease of moving from one drilling site to another. “Pad drilling efficiencies are crucial in today’s retooling of the land rig market. At some point, the structure needs to efficiently and safely move to another pad. This design focuses on both sides of the equation. We are thrilled with the land drilling industry response to the patent. The HMR SlotBox® clearly speaks to our 108-years of Lee C. Moore drilling structure engineering legacy,” says Wingerter.

According to Wingerter, field studies by one client have proven the new drilling structure to be much more efficient during pad drilling and for moving from site-to-site since many key drilling components are integrated within the design. The order for ten (10) new HMR SlotBox® units will be delivered throughout 2015.

For more information about the Lee C. Moore HMR SlotBox® land drilling rig structures, contact our corporate office at +1 (918) 523-9191.