Need more capacity for racking platforms and setback loading?

Lee C. Moore’s qualified staff of Professional Engineers can complete a survey of your current equipment and run an analysis to determine the modification package right for your ever increasing operational requirements.

Once the analysis is complete, our engineering team can design new racking platforms to accommodate an increase in capacity as well as design setback modifications to support increased setback loading. During this process we take into account the customer’s requirements for the arrangement of pipe, including multiple diameters and a mixture of drill pipe and collars.

Capacity of equipment can be increased from 500,000 lbs to 750,000 lbs; 750,000 lbs to 1,000,000 lbs; 1,000,000 lbs to 1,200,000 lbs, and so forth.

We have designed racking platform modifications to increase capacity from 192 stands at 18,000 ft to 234 stands at 22,000 ft of pipe as well as 224 stands to 256 stands.

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