On-site Field Services for All Makes and Models of Drilling Structures

panoramaLee C. Moore provides on-site field services for all makes and models of drilling structures! We specialize in API RP4G Category III & IV inspections, recertification, upgrades, and emergency repairs. Our team of full-time service professionals are on-call 24/7 and prepared to mobilize to any part of the globe on short notice. “I have no problems waking up to an email that requires my presence on another continent,” says technician Andre Grissom.

Lee C. Moore service technicians are also trained and equipped to inspect all types of drilling structures and accessories. We maintain many safety training certificates, such as BOSIET, HUET, H2S, First Aid, Rigging, and Fire Fighting. To facilitate fast mobilization, we also keep a myriad of travel visas for quick mobilization to countries around the world.

“Time is money in the oilfield. Resolving issues in a timely manner is rewarding. We are always prepared and have what it takes to meet our customers’ needs,” says technician Jaylon Conner. “A drilling contractor in the Middle East was recently on extensive downtime prior to our arrival. With the help of our engineering department, we were able to find a solution in a timely manner.” Lee C. Moore service technicians have access to and the full support of our engineering department.

Whether it’s the American heartland, searing Middle East, Amazon Jungle, or frozen Arctic …Lee C. Moore has been there and is ready to be there again. Contact Lee C. Moore for professional service of your fleet! +1-918-523-9191

– Sahara Desert, Algeria. Photo credit by technician Ryan Baxter.