Lee C. Moore has been a leading designer and manufacturer of drilling structures since 1907. In 1938, Lee C. Moore revolutionized the petroleum industry when they designed and built the first cantilever mast. To date the company has manufactured over 4,000 cantilever masts and over 700 offshore derrick structures. Today, Lee C. Moore designs and manufactures masts and derricks for nearly every major drilling company in every drilling condition offshore and onshore. They service both their own and other manufacturers’ masts and derricks globally. LCM also presents structural training seminars to drilling contractors around the world.

Lee C. Moore designs and manufactures products in accordance with quality requirements outlined in API Specifications 4F, 8C, and Q1 as well as quality management standards ISO-9001:2008, and TS-29001, adhering to API quality control specifications and following specifications as outlined by AISC, AWS, ANSI, and ASTM.

Current Licenses/Certifications: