Please Be Aware

Lee C. Moore was recently alerted by their bank to heighten awareness of potential email scams for clients and prospects alike.
A client had recently fallen victim to such a scenario with the following circumstances:
· The majority of the company was still working from home due to the pandemic.
· The A/R Clerk received an email from the A/R Manager requesting their most recent Aging Report that included all customers.
· The A/R Clerk then sent the Aging Report that subsequently contained:
– Customer Name & Address
– Amount Due
– Contact Name, Phone Number, & Email Address
· Several hours later the A/R Manager called the A/R clerk to ask a question, and the A/R clerk asked the A/R manager, “Did you get that Aging Report”? The A/R Manager had no idea what the A/R Clerk was talking about!
· The email address requesting the Aging Report had one extra letter and the A/R Clerk did not notice the discrepancy.
· By the time the company realized what had occurred, all of their customers had been contacted, been given new banking information to remit payment and offered discounted terms of payment if they were able to pay early due to the current situation the company was facing from the pandemic.
The Financial Crimes expert said this was a first for them, but they are definitely worried clients could see more scams much like this one.
Please be aware of these potential scams and do not hesitate to reach out to your contact at Lee C. Moore at +1.918.523.9191 re: concerns.