Adjustable Casing Stabbing Platforms

Because safety is your top priority, Adjustable Casing Stabbing Platforms from Lee C. Moore make running casing more accessible and visible to the drill floor. Adjustable from 23 to 50 feet above the drill floor, these platforms can be mounted to your specified location and offer multiple power and certification options.

Performance features
  • Available with air or hydraulic power
  • Cam rollers
  • Heavy-duty dual track beams with tailboards on both ends and attachment brackets for pinned installation
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Rubber dampener at the bottom of the track stop
  • Hinge-up design for easy storage and transport
Safety features
  • Primary and secondary brakes designed with an over speed locking device
  • Fall arrest inertia reel with safety line suspended from the padeye at the top of the track
  • Automatic spring-actuated power release

Our Adjustable Casing Stabbing Platforms are designed, fabricated and tested prior to shipment. They can also be ABS and DNV certified.

Learn more
Quotes are available on request. Just contact us and provide the elevation the casing stabbing platform will be mounted, along with the desired power source and certifications.

You can also read our online brochure for more information.