EzTurn™ BOP Cradle

The EzTurn™ BOP Cradle from Lee C. Moore facilitates singlehanded rotation of an entire blowout preventer stack. Wellhead alignment has never been easier.

Another innovative, patent-pending design from Lee C. Moore, a Woolslayer Company engineers. Simple, efficient and safe. Goodbye tugger lines!

Features and benefits
  • Full 360°rotation
  • Easy to install gate design
  • Integral roller assemblies contact either underneath side of BOP annular or customer furnished 42 in. diameter (or greater) double studded adapter
  • Various models fit all API standard flange sizes
  • Lift point spacing built to customer specification
  • Hook-type primary lifting eyes unless specified otherwise
  • Interfaces with various BOP stack configurations and annular
  • Four Shoulder Type Machinery Lifting Eye Bolts accommodate secondary 
BOP hoisting or stabilizing lines
  • Two mounting positions for BOP transport skid
  • Two primary lifting eyes

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More information is also available in the EzTurn™ BOP Cradle spec sheet or in our online brochure.

US Patent No.: 10,352,106