Flatback Derrick

Lee C. Moore’s flatback derricks for offshore drilling are designed to allow greater reach on jack-up cantilever beams, with three sides of the derrick vertical to about 105 feet and tapered to the water table beams. Our typical flatback derricks offer 1.5 million pounds of static hook load capacity with 14 lines to the traveling block, but they can be modified to meet your needs.

Features and benefits
  • 160 feet tall, 32 x 35-foot base x 14-foot top
  • Full-height caged ladder with landing platforms every six meters
  • Open deck space for additional drilling equipment
  • Dual rail guide tracks
  • Beam leg construction
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with API 4F standards

Learn more
Quotes are available on request. Contact us and let us know the type of offshore platform and your preferences for static hook load, derrick dimensions and additional drilling equipment.

More information is also available in our online brochure.