HMR II Highly Mobile Rig® Package

Thanks to its unique bifold hinge-type truss beams, Lee C. Moore’s HMR Highly Mobile Rig® II, Mast achieves a bottom-section fold width of just 12 feet. The mast moves in two sections using dollies, with the top drive secure in the mast bottom section and the traveling block in the top section.

On the job, this hydraulically raised drilling structure can achieve a maximum static hook capacity of more than 1 million pounds with 12 lines strung. Its hydraulic cylinders remain safely in the mast during drilling operations and are under compression for the entire raising cycle.

Features and benefits
  • Integral lifting eyes built into each mast section
  • Minimize “front yard” required space with the HMR II substructure raising from the drawworks side
  • Wind capacity of 100 mph with full setback, 125 mph without setback
  • Walking system ready
  • Top-drive and traveling block remain in transport position during raising operations
  • Substructure transport in 3 loads to maximize rig-up efficiency
  • Monogrammed per API specification 4F

Learn more
Quotes are available on request. Contact us and let us know your requirements for hook load with the amount of lines strung, as well as the overall height, width and interfaced equipment.

More information is also available in our online brochure.

(Mast folding method) US Patent No: 9,016,004