HMR III Highly Mobile Rig® Package

Lee C. Moore’s HMR Highly Mobile Rig® III facilitates fast rig moves with minimum disassembly and rig-up, with both the mast and substructure hydraulically raised.

For use on multi-well pad drilling sites, the mast is positioned transverse to the substructure in a “rotated” arrangement that eliminates assembling and raising the mast over the wellheads. In this configuration, the mast is raised from a “side” position, then substructure drill floor is raised from the Off-Drillers Side.

Features and benefits
  • Substructure accommodates 37 ½-inch rotary table, rotating mousehole and is walking-system ready.
  • Mast features casing capacity of 1 million pounds simultaneous with 750,000-pound setback capacity
  • Mast and substructure assembled with crane assist and moves in six primary sections
  • Overall height and width of substructure can be designed to your needs
  • Hydraulic cylinders remain in compression during entire raising cycle
  • Large and open drill floor plan
  • Integral guide tracks to transport traveling equipment with the mast
  • Interfaces with Lee C. Moore BOP hoists and BOP Triple Crown®; supports LCM Rig Rover®
  • Substructure rises from driller’s side in a “side saddle” design
  • Monogrammed per API specification 4F

Learn more
Quotes are available on request. Contact us and let us know your requirements for overall width and height, casing capacity, walking and BOP handling systems.

More information is also available in our online brochure.