Modular Box-on-Box

Lee C. Moore continues to lead the industry in the design and fabrication of traditional box-on-box substructures for land drilling. Our modular substructure boxes stack easily with alignment guides and can be built to the specific height and width that meets your needs.

Features and benefits
  • Easy rig up and rig down; no need to remove necessary drilling equipment in the sub area
  • OSHA-approved internal staircases for safe and fast access to the BOP stack
  • Integrates with Lee C. Moore Rig Rover®
  • Recessed drawworks area eliminates trip hazards around drill floor
  • Equipped with handrails, access platforms and external staircases
  • Simple winterization
  • Center skid installs without drive pins, using hook and dowel connections
  • Built in accordance with API 4F specifications

Learn more
Quotes are available on request. Contact us and provide the total number of stands to be used and your requirements for width, height and windwalls.

More information is also available in our online brochure.