Rotating Drum Deadline Anchor

A highly recommended anchor that is safe and easy to operate. Deadline Anchors from Lee C. Moore offer industry-leading load capacities of up to 200,000 pounds and are designed and monogrammed per API 8C specifications. A rotating drum is used to efficiently slip drill line by optimizing safety and reduce down time.

Safety benefits
  • Provides a safe handling distance from the unit
  • No chance of line jumping or crossing
  • Easy to use, especially with larger wire rope
Features and benefits
  • Compatible with customer specified drill line OD
  • Safe and efficient 3 pin removal for rotating drum
  • Easier and safer with larger wire rope
  • Allows for safe handling distance from the unit
  • Prevents line crossing or jumping
  • Reduces down time during slip-and-cut

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More information is also available in the Rotating Drum Deadline Anchor spec sheet and in our online brochure.