“Triple Crown” Isn’t Just About Horses

Tulsa based Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company has filed for trademark and patent for its Triple Crown BOP xSport™. The unit consists of a transportable cradle and integrated lifting cylinders. The system is specifically designed to transport a fully operational blowout preventer (BOP) stack via truck from one land-based drilling rig site to another. Upon arrival to a new site, the Triple Crown BOP xSport™ unloads the BOP under a drilling rig’s working floor. The entire BOP stack is then hydraulically raised to its vertical operating position in preparation for drilling operations. Transporting on a cradle, unloading, and raising an entire BOP stack back to its vertical working position combines three key BOP drilling-site to drilling-site elements into one safe and efficient package.

Tom Wingerter, Lee C Moore President and CEO, states the system is one step closer to drilling rig industry efficiency. “Blowout preventers are heavy, complicated, bolted together arrays of large components,” says Wingerter. “They come in a wide variety of working pressure ratings and arrangements depending on the drilling environment. Our new Triple Crown BOP xSport™ saves hours, sometimes even days, associated with complete disassembly, handling and re-assembly of blowout preventer systems during rig moves.”